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Adult Eye Exam

A Once-Per-Year Exam That Protects Your Eyes

Eye care is important, and in our increasingly-digital world, the need for comprehensive eye care services is only growing. According to many industry associations and eye care leaders, nearly 75% of Americans wear some form of vision correction (over 225 million Americans). That’s a lot of people.

The American Optometric Association recommends that all Americans, even people who feel their eyesight is fine, should receive eye exams every year.

Why Are Annual Eye Exams So Important?

  • Many eye diseases do not present symptoms during their initial stages – You eyes could be sick and you wouldn’t even know it… until you saw noticeable changes to your vision.
  • Eyesight lost to disease is lost forever. Not to sound ominous, but it’s true. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy – to name a few – can cause serious changes to your vision if not treated and managed appropriately.
  • Changes to eye health can happen rapidly, even when you feel fine – Eyes are sensitive organs that react to changes in often unsettling and dramatic ways. While incidents of serious eye disease are relatively rare, screening for them regularly ensures that when they are detected we are able to treat them quickly and effectively. When it comes to your sight, timing matters!

Update Your Visual Prescription

If you’re one of the 225+ million Americans that wears some form of corrective lenses (eyeglasses or contact lenses), you already know that your prescription changes over time.
If you wear contact lenses, an annual eye exam is important to ensure proper eye health and that you’re wearing the suitable prescription. If you wear eyeglasses, your prescription will be updated every year to reflect changes in your vision.

Are you finding yourself squinting and straining when watching TV, using the computer, or reading a book? Is it difficult to read distant road signs? It sounds like it’s time for your next eye exam!

We Use Today’s Latest & Greatest Equipment For a Non-Invasive Experience

Your comfort matters to us! That’s why we’ve made sure to equip our office with modern equipment that does a great job with minimal fuss.

The Medmont e300 is considered the gold standard for use when fitting specialty contact lenses (such as scleral or toric contact lenses). While proper fit is essential for comfort with any lens, this fact is especially true when considering specialty lenses. We utilize the Medmont for our specialized fittings, and when fitting wave custom contact lenses (for those who wear gas-permeable contacts). In addition to its benefits from a contact lens fitting perspective, the e300 is also capable of assessing tear film surface quality and tear breakup (which is beneficial when diagnosing and treating dry eye syndrome).

Our state of the art retinal imaging system helps to provide a thorough retinal health assessment by allowing the doctor to detect and manage disease more effectively and to monitor subtle changes over time. Retinal imaging assists in the early detection of ocular and systemic diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, and hypertension. It is now the standard of care at Twin Lakes Vision Clinic to perform retinal photography at every comprehensive visit to detect any changes to your eyes. In certain instances, we may need to take more detailed images, such as stereo or panorama photos to document ocular abnormalities. Dr. Mast will review your retinal images and answer any questions you may have concerning your ocular health. We are able to share your images with other providers when referral for additional treatment is necessary. Our camera has improved comfort with a 40% reduced flash intensity compared to its predecessor.

If you’ve ever had your eye pressure tested using older equipment, you probably remember the uncomfortable “puff” of air that comes with it. The Tono-Pen uses an alternative method of pressure testing that does away with the uncomfortable air puff! Measurement of intraocular pressure is important in detecting and monitoring glaucoma. In order to provide the most comprehensive eye exam while minimizing any discomfort, our office provides fast and accurate eye pressure measurements without the need for a puff of air via a small, handheld device.

Perimetry is the measurement of visual field function. It may be necessary to perform perimetry in cases of glaucoma, macular degeneration, unexplained loss of vision, as well as a variety of other conditions.

Your Eye Exam Experience: Maximum Effectiveness, Minimal Discomfort

  • Please allow up to one hour for your eye exam, including intake/paperwork/etc.
  • If you wear glasses, bring them with you so we can assess their prescription.
  • Bring your insurance information (both vision and medical).

The Exam Itself is Easy-Peasy

  • An optometric technician will perform some preliminary diagnostic tests using our equipment. These tests are non-invasive and not painful- don’t worry!
  • Dr. Mast will meet with you, perform a few additional tests, and discuss her findings. She will also discuss your eye care and corrective lens options, including fitting for contact lenses (if you’d like to explore that idea).
  • If it’s time for a new (or your first) pair of glasses, we welcome you to explore our optical showroom. Our expert opticians are happy to help you try on your favorite styles and explain the best options to you.


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