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Seniors Eye Exam

Embrace Retirement With Healthy Eyes and Good Vision

As we get older, lots of things change: we get married, we move to different cities and, sadly, our eyes have to deal with an increased number of threats to their vision. By having an annual eye exam – regardless of how few problems you seem to have with your vision or overall health – you can protect yourself against potentially vision-stealing illnesses.

Preventative eye care is the only way to minimize the visual impact of a large number of eye diseases.

Maintaining quality vision should be a priority for everyone regardless of age; that said, older citizens are at risk of developing conditions which are less of a threat to the rest of the population, such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

Looking at things from a different perspective, an annual exam may simply set your mind at ease and let you know that you can keep enjoying your retirement without worrying over your eye health!

Our Tests Are Safe, Non-Invasive and Comprehensive

Our seniors eye exams are essentially split into two components: preliminary testing and the exam itself.

This is where we assess your ability to see at a range of distances, as well as checking that your eyes are comfortable throughout.

A refractive assessment allows us to check your prescription and, if required, refine it so that your vision is more comfortable.

We assess your eye’s focusing and teaming muscles to check for expected operation and any abnormal movements.

We assess the breadth and quality of your peripheral vision by performing a visual field test.

Finally, since your ability to focus changes over time, we examine how well your eyes can focus and compare this to the national average for your age group.

The exam itself goes into substantial depth looking for any eye diseases or other threats to your ocular health.

Total Health History
There can often be links between systemic health and specific problems in the eye, that’s why we perform a comprehensive review of your overall health.

Slit Lamp Exam
By combining an intense light source with a magnifying lens we can examine many parts of the eye – including the cornea and iris – in great detail.

Eye pressure is a useful indicator for many diseases including vision-threatening conditions such as glaucoma – tonometry is the practice of measuring the eye pressure.

Detailed Retinal Exam

We examine many key areas for indicators of different diseases. These areas include the retina, the optic nerve and any surrounding blood vessels, all of which can provide essential diagnostic data for Dr. Mast.

We will also take high resolution photographs of the retina and the rest of your eye so that no detail can be overlooked.

Senior-Specific Exams Which Go the Extra Mile

At Twin Lakes Vision Clinic, we pride ourselves on taking as much time as necessary to complete every exam – we are never in too much of a rush to deliver the best eye care possible. We are particularly cognizant of those illnesses which are more prevalent in the older generations.

If you ever experience any trouble with your vision, or just decide that you have a few questions which require answers, we would love to hear from you – just pick up the phone and give us a call to arrange an appointment with one of our experts who will be happy to devote as much time as required to set your mind at ease.

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