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A Step-By-Step Walkthrough of Cataract Removal Surgery

One of the most common causes of vision impairment and loss, a cataract is the clouding of the lens inside of the eye. It can cause vision loss that cannot be corrected with glasses or refractive surgery. Although they may sound frightening, cataracts can be treated through surgery. The surgery…

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Understanding Eye Alignment Problems

Is going cross eyed genetic? Can squint be corrected in adults? Can you develop a lazy eye? Is it normal for a baby to have cross eye? The above questions are common, as eye alignment problems aren’t something well understood by most people. In this article, we’re going to provide…

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Everything You Didn’t Know About Eye Allergies

For those of us that suffer from eye allergies, spring is less about melting snow and blossoming flowers so much as it’s about boxes of tissue and watery eyes. When the snow melts, flowers begin to blossom, the neighbours begin cutting the grass, and the pollen drifts in the wind……

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Symptoms, Causes, & Diagnosis of Common Refractive Errors

Do you have difficulty reading road signs? Do you get headaches from reading a book or taking notes? If yes, you may experiencing vision impairment due to a refractive error. A refractive error occurs when the shape of the eye prevents light from focusing directly on the retina. This can…

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Common Questions & Answers About Flashes & Floaters

Eye floaters and light flashes cause a lot of questions. Our optometrist gets a lot of questions regarding flashes & floaters from our patients. We hope this short FAQ helps answer your questions about these visual experiences. The following questions were created from past experiences with patients, as well as…

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