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Your Vision Should Always Be Protected - That’s What Specialized Safety Eyewear is For

Specialized safety eyewear, and eyewear meant to be worn during sport, could be the difference between protecting your eyesight, and losing it.

The vast majority of eye injuries in the workplace are avoidable – that’s just one example of how speciality eyewear can be put to good use!

At Twin Lakes Vision Clinic, we are quick to stress the importance that prevention is the best medicine.

Other Specialized Applications

Speciality eyewear can be designed for far more applications than you probably realize: whether it’s for swimming, adrenaline sports, photography…the list really has no end. That said, let’s look at a few common examples where specialized eyewear provide big benefits.

It is well known that off-the-road glare is a major contributor to a large number of accidents with vehicles. Driving glasses are designed with polarizing lenses which absorb glare, making our roads a safer place. They also enhance color contrast, making it easier to distinguish between obstacles, pedestrians, signposts and anything else which may be a hazard on the road.

Computer screens are usually further from our eyes than our phones or books that we read. Therefore, computer glasses are designed with a prescription that is optimized slightly beyond normal reading vision, to reduce the strain on our eyes when focusing for long periods of time.

Welding is just one of the professions where speciality eye wear can make a huge difference to not only your safety in the workplace, but also the effectiveness with which you can carry out your job.

Always Use Safety Eyewear Where Appropriate

There are valid reasons why many jobs require you to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), and protecting your vision is one of the most important. Around 90% of workplace eye accidents are completely avoidable.

It may be obvious to wear safety eyewear when doing something where they’re required, but what about when they’re not? Mowing the lawn, changing your vehicle’s oil, painting a bathroom, or using CLR on your shower head are all situations where debris or a hazardous chemical could get into your eye. Do you wear safety eyewear while doing them?

Be sensible: don’t put your vision on the line.

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