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Prescription Sunglasses

We can provide prescription lenses for your sunglasses so that you don’t need to choose between comfort and visual acuity. Prescription sunglasses are affordable and long-lasting, helping you look great.

Photochromic Lenses

This lens technology allows lenses to darken from clear when exposed to sunlight. They also are referred to as “light-adaptive lenses” or “variable tint lenses”, with the most popular brand being Transitions Lenses.

Fitover Sunglasses

Fitovers do exactly what their name suggests: they fit right over your existing glasses. These affordable sunglasses are worn over top of your regular glasses, allowing you to enjoy protection from the sun without having to take your regular glasses off!

We provide Federal Way a generous selection of sunglasses from today’s best brands at competitive prices.


Clips are an affordable way to turn any pair of glasses into sunglasses and can be added/removed easily.


Aspex Eyewear is one of the world’s largest global distributors of quality eyewear and sunwear. They offer some of today’s most popular collections: EasyClip®, EasyTwist®, Takumi®, Pentax®.
Chemistrie Sun
Chemistrie Sunlenses have gone above and beyond the everyday clip-on. Utilizing our patented Chemistrie Magnetic Lens Layering Technology, all of our sunlenses are custom made to fit virtually ANY frame
GX By Gwen Stefani is bright, bold and fun. It’s a collection of affordably priced fashion forward accessories that embody Gwen’s unique blend of sophisticated polish and creative rock and roll edge. GX is a playful mixture of pop, punk and chic.
Kate Spade
Kate Spade New York has over 140 retail shops and outlet stores across the United States, and more than 175 shops internationally. our colorful products are sold in more than 450 doors worldwide, in every time zone and on every continent. whether in San Francisco, Sao Paulo or Shanghai, our shops are always warm and inviting.
Gwen Stefani partnered with Tura Inc to bring her designs to life. The L.A.M.B. eyewear collection is modelled after the star’s iconic style, featuring bold frames, exciting colors, and glamourous details. Her frames range from chic and elegant to fun and punk rock, much like her own personality.
Lulu Guiness
Irresistible glamour and luxurious individual style is the cornerstone of Lulu Guinness eyeglass frames, as sub-brand of Tura Inc. Those seeking dramatic retro shapes, exclusive patterned materials, and unmatched sophistication, should look no further. Lulu Guinness eyewear has an affordable frame collection for all.
Nine West
Founded in 1973, Nine West has become a globally renowned fashion wholesaler and retail company. Their affordable line of stylish eyewear pulls its inspiration from the runways of New York City, ensuring you stay on top of the hottest fashion trends.
Wiley X
High Velocity Protection. Ranging from tactical to motorsport to safety, Wiley X is your go-to protection eyewear brand.